Monday, August 17, 2009

Wherever You Go, There Is Brooklyn

So, this is the story of a young, newlywed, vegetarian, part time health-nut, recent Flatbush transplant, blogging about wellbeing, spirituality, and mindfulness in New York. I'll be using this space to review everything from vegetarian restaurants to cafes to books to parks and benches good for catching a moment or two for quiet meditation between everything that makes up my overwhelmingly busy urban days. I'll also explore mindfulness and how it is challenged and enriched by marriage, friendship, culture, and city living.

How did this project begin? Well, this is, in some ways, a continuation of my previous blog, It Melts Into Wonder, which served as a long standing public diary sharing all the private details on my search for meaning and purpose in New York City. With my recent marriage and move to Brooklyn, I decided it's time to turn a new leaf. While before I blogged about the world of stirrings within me, I'm going to here try instead to blog the world around me. It's an experiment in urban consciousness, and if nothing else, it will result in a detailed review of just about every subway accessible froyo joint, vegetarian friendly restaurant, and beautiful patch of greenery the city has to offer.

So enjoy, and feel free share your mindful New York minutes with me, too.

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